Rishi Ratna’s Peel Off Mask Review

Season is changing and so are skin requirements. This autumn season we need to take great care of our skin. I was looking for some herbals face packs or masks when I got Rishi Ratna’s Peel Off Mask. Keep reading to know my experience with the product.

About the Product – Rishi Ratna is a brand of Rishi Ratna Remedies Pvt Ltd. Brand’s main product as of now is their Peel Off Mask which comes in several variants like Lavender, rose, bridal pearl and a lot more. I got three masks one Lavender (for me), rose (for my sister), Wrink Anti-Wrinkle (for my mother)

Packaging – Rishi ratna comes packed in light cardboard box and graphics are according to variant. Like Lavender comes in white purple color, rose in white pink. Once you open the cardboard box the face pack powder is packed in small plastic pouch. It’s difficult to keep the pouch once open

Usage – Mix sachet powder in water, apply the mask evenly on face, leave it for 15-20 min and peel off.
Claims of brand – Lavender clears and brighter the skin, anti-wrinkle helps in reducing wrinkles

My Experience With the Product – I followed the instructions and mixed whole sachet powder. First it is really difficult to mix it as lumps start forming. After mixing whole sachet I realized that face mask is much more than needed by one person at a time. So I thought I will use some now and will keep rest for further use. I applied mask on my face with some difficulty as it’s challenging to spread it on skin. I kept it for 20 minutes and removed the mask. Best part was removal (it comes off very conveniently) and results were superb on skin. My skin looked clearer post its usage. Also I had some pimple marks on my face which were reduced to some extent by its use. So I would say till here I was happy with the product that at least its results are fine. As it helped me in reducing pimple marks and making skin looked clearer I decided to apply remaining on my face after five days. I kept remaining face mask in a small bowl in fridge and have added water on top so that when I take out next time for use it is wet and good to go. My shock was when I took it out after five days the mask turned into a cake in shape of bowl even though there was water on top of it. There was no way that I could put it to use. These few things makes this product somewhat disappointing. No doubts results on skin are good but what if you are spending your hard earned money and product turns out to be one time use only. First it’s difficult to keep remaining powder if you use half a sachet, second remaining becomes cake even after taking proper preservation methods.

  • Ingredients used are good
  • Gives desired results
  • No side effects on skin
  • Affordable
  • Herbal fragrance
  • Packaging needs modification. Brand can give a zip pouch instead of sealed one to preserve reaminign powder
  • Powder becomes cake if you keep it wet (even refrigerated)

Price – Ranges from Rs. 80 to 120

Availability - To buy online click here 

R&W Rating - 2/5 (only because it gives good results)

R&W Recommendation – Until and unless brand doesn’t rectify these two points I can’t recommend to my users

Have you tried this product? Please let me know your experience

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Megha Gupta 

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  1. Good results offered? Totally for me then! Lovely review dearie :)