Sugar Free Cake

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I love all kinds of sweets. This is one of the reason that I am unable to shed extra weight. Like every time I have my meal I need something sweet after that. For me meal is incomplete without a dessert. I wish I could grant a wish that how many sweets I have I will never become plump.  But I know this is just an impossible dream. I tried to give up on sweets so many times but it’s just an impossible thing for me. So I thought why don’t I substitute with healthier sweet options which are less in calorie and satisfy my sweet cravings as well. Because I had this sweet obsession since childhood my mom used to make cakes at home. And over the years I have tried to imperfect the recipe with my experiments, haha. I am willing to take up Sugarfree Natura’s Dessert Challenge.

I call my cake “Biskuttt Cake” any English speaking person would pronounce it “Biscuit Cake” but I like my hindi version a lot.

I am so happy that someone invented Ctrl+Z option as lot of times I would accidently delete whole written post.

What you need for my “Biskuttt Cake”

10 biscuits of any brand, any type you wish to use. I prefer using biscuits like Parle-G, Marie Gold, or any other plain and less sweet biscuit

Two cups of milk                                                                     

To make it less fatty I decided to replace sugar with Sugarfree Natura. Benefits it provide similar sweet taste like that of sugar and it is low calorie sweetner which is a great substitute to sugar. I would take just five pellet.

One spoon of cocoa powder

Nicely cut almonds, raisin

First boil the milk. I do it in microwave as it’s really a convenient option. Transfer the milk to a big bowl. Break the biscuits into small pieces and add to the milk. Stir it well so that there are no lumps left and mixture looks just perfect. Add cocoa powder and again mix. Add sugarfree natura and keep on mixing it. Finally add almonds and raisins. Grease a microwave usable bowl with oil. Use very little oil to grease the bowl. Microwave the mix for ten minutes. After five minutes you can test it using a knife if it’s not ready keep it for another five minutes. It should be ready to serve after ten minutes.

See how simple it is. This has become favorite dessert in house. It’s homemade, less calorie and satisfy my sweet craving well. This could be a great dessert option for those on diet and have sweet tooth. You can also prepare this cake for your guests. It would look great on dining. As lot of people are now a days diet conscious so serving something healthier would impress them.

Let me know what your favorite dessert is and how you are trying to make it more perfect using Sugarfree Natura.

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