Exotic Floral Exhibition At LPU

Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower which blossoms in variety of colors from white to purple to yellow to green and many other variants. This beautiful flower is the symbol of emperor and imperial family in Japan. These exotic flowers bloom in East Asia and northeastern Europe. I am sure lot of you must be wondering that why I am writing about this flower. The reason is because of the awesome job done by Lovely Professional University (LPU) students and staff that I couldn’t stop myself from doing a post on it.

LPU displayed a brilliant work of art by organizing Chrysanthemum Floral Exhibition. This was product of Rural Agriculture Works Experience (RAWE) program of the university. For this exhibition students and teachers worked very hard and collected fifty five variants of Chrysanthemum from all over India and displayed in more than two thousand pots at the university campus. Can you believe it how exotic sight it would have been. I wish I was there to witness all the glam and glory of Chrysanthemum.

I have collected some pictures as well from the university. Please do take a look at these pictures. LPU did such a splendid job that Mr. Virendra Sharma British Member of Parliament visited university campus to inaugurate the exhibition. LPU provides quality education and practical knowledge to its students. It’s evident from the wonderful job done by RAWE. Students have tried to showcase as many varieties of Chrysanthemum be it white color or purple or red-maroon, yellow. They are looking as beautiful as bunch. I would never want to pluck any. These flowers have created such a beautiful scenery in university campus.

Floriculture is flourishing in India at remarkable rate of 30-40% which is encouraging more and more number of people to join this amazing job. Flowers are really important for all occasions in India be it wedding, puja, and house inauguration. Flowers are often gifted to guests as token of love and appreciation. I think university staff understands market facts really well and they are doing good job in teaching their students not only theoretically but also practically. Students are able to get hands on experience which will help them in future.

I wish more and more flower exhibitions should come up in Delhi-NCR as well so that I can give treat to my eyes.

Any of my readers have attended this floral exhibition? Please share your experience here. 

Megha Gupta 


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