How Blogging Has Changed My Life

Hey I am passionate about Music, I am passionate about cooking, I am passionate about blabla. Megha, what are you passionate about? I was like ummm, I don’t know. I am referring to the conversation with bunch of my friends in an ice-cream parlor. They were like common how that is possible. Every person is passionate about one thing or other. That moment I realized that something is missing in my life. What is my passion? This question kept ringing in my head for couple of days.

I worked for a theatre group for some time, helped a movie club in organizing their charitable events. But somehow I didn’t felt that immense satisfaction. I was going through rough phase in my life when I was aimlessly browsing internet. That’s when I stumbled upon some interesting article about blogging, writing. I started reading couple of blogs on daily basis. I owned a blog back in 2009, but at that time I didn’t knew what I can write. I didn’t knew my niche, so left after couple of months. All of sudden in middle of night came idea that start writing again.

Very next morning I created my blog Review and Write Up. I had only two topics in my mind when I started blog. But I kept on writing and this time I was determined not to give up. I didn’t realized that how much I started enjoying it. I use to and still look forward to that time of my day where I write for my blog. Now I know what I am passionate about, blogging helped me doing that.

I didn’t expected to receive so much love and support from readers. I jumped when I received first fan email. I bought a chocolate to celebrate. I was a reserved person. I wouldn’t share my feelings easily. Sharing everything about me via blogging has become so easy. I have become a better person now.

Sometimes rough phases prove good for you, atleast in my case it is true. If you don't know your passion, you are missing something in your life. Like I was before. Discover your passion and live your life to the fullest. 

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