Spreading Positivity Around The World

Corruption and Population these are the two kind of termites which are eating India. Out of both population can be easily controlled if every couple decides to plan just one or two kids. Lot of people in villages due to taboos, social pressure or lack of information have lot of children. These parents are not even able to provide proper meals to them, forget about schooling and good life. This was the lesson that I learnt that day in school. Especially point about population kept ringing in my head. I was too naïve to understand corruption, so my point of focus was population. I was in class seven at that time.

After school when I came back home that day, wife of one of my father’s factory worker was crying near to my mom. I asked Sarita aunty what’s the matter? She said my village people call me infertile. I said you have given birth to two kids and they are still alive then why on earth your peers are calling you infertile. I was about to faint with her answer. She told as per her village people if you are not mother of at least five-six kids you are infertile. I felt pang of anger in me. I said you and your husband please come in evening I have to talk to you both. My mom wanted to hold me back. She said you are kid and stay away from such matters. I said to my mom that it doesn’t matter how old I am to talk about anything as long as my intentions are good. I requested my mom to support me, to which she agreed.

In the evening her husband Ashok uncle and she came. I talked to Ashok uncle as he had a good quality that he would listen to anything patiently. We both talked to him that don’t plan any other kid. You are parents of two kids and in your meagre earning it’s difficult to raise them well. What’s the point of having so many kids when you can’t even provide them with two time meal? We explained them benefits of having small family. Ashok uncle came two days later and he said he has decided that he will not have any more kids.

He left job at our factory year later and moved to a different city. On 31st New Year eve Ashok uncle came to meet my family. He brought sweet box as his daughter joined as a school teacher. He thanked me and gave me twenty one rupees as his blessings. He then said because of my guidance back then he was able to live a good life and also his kids are happy. His son was studying.  He said his journey was not an easy one. It was not easy for uncle to convince his parents back in village. He was boycotted by his family in village. He never went back to his family after he made decision. Both husband and wife raised their kids well in city, educated them well. Only after few years seeing him flourished and happy some of his friends decided to have just two kids. Ashok uncle told us proudly that he was able to influence twenty couples in his village to plan not more than two kids.

I can’t tell you how elated I was feeling that day. This meeting became highlight of my year. A little effort of mine became so fruitful. Just imagine if we all decide to spread the vibe whole India could transform in few years.

Megha Gupta