Triveni Ethnic Wear Cofluence

Saree is the national dress of India. Triveni Ethnic Wear Cofluence started with this message. Some tips and tricks were shared by some of the amazing ladies present in the confluence, was like cherry on cake.

Triveni ethnics showcased their amazing collection. It was fantastic to meet wonderful team of Triveni Mr. Arvind Saraf, Shilpy, Shalini, Nupur. Venue chosen for the event was Vintage 31. I had heard about this café before but never visited. Triveni gave me an opportunity to explore the café as well.

When I first entered the venue I thought how they will manage in such a small place. Trust me in front of my eyes Nupur, Shilpy, Shalini gave café room a new makeover. That’s the magic of perfect team. Arvind told us about how Triveni came in existence. It’s a commendable job to take traditional family business to next level. He has tried every possible way to modernize brand. We got an opportunity to go through some of the amazing designs created by them. Glossy catalogues were like treat to eyes. I and my sister were glued to those catalogues. I got an opportunity to interact with some other bloggers. The crowd was mix of designers, makeup artist, writers, and astrologer.

Crepe, georgette, chiffon, mixed fabric, art silk like so many fabrics are used by Triveni designers to create amazing designs. My mom also buy Triveni sarees. When I told her that I am going to the brand’s event she was also elated. All of us were so excited to try out new sarees from Triveni. Brand handed over hundreds of sarees to all of us. It was so much fun to unwrap new sarees and pick up one of your choice to try. I wore saree on jeans, it was fun. You can read review of saree here.

It was wonderful interactive session. I was overwhelmed to meet Arvind Saraf who has a big name is Saree industry and he is so down to earth. I learnt lot of tips and tricks from Shalini about Saree draping, how to identify a certain type of cloth. Brand has made available designer sarees at budgeted price ranging from Rs. 1,200 to 1,500 

Triveni has tried to engage audience in every possible way. You can join their ambassador program, or if you are college going can be part of their live projects, you can also join their corporate partnership program and lot other ways.

The same saree I am wearing in pic, I got that as a gift. Thanks Triveni 

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Megha Gupta  


  1. Great post!! Amazing time spent there with you.

  2. You look great in that saree! Hope you'd a great time meeting their team.

    Wishing you a successful new year!