Wake Up To Gold Mornings #Colgate360GoldMornings

Mornings always make you feel good. You are fresh after good sleep, then there is abundant fresh air outside which refreshes mind and body. I always put extra effort to turn my good morning into gold mornings. I have tried to incorporate exercise or yoga in my schedule which was not there earlier. I am feeling much better after that. My stamina has increased, I feel more energized throughout the day.

Then I brush my teeth using Colgate 360 Charcol Gold toothbrush along with Colgate total to keep my mouth fresh throughout the day. My teeth stays healthy and plague free with the help of Colgate.

I turn my good mornings into gold by preparing healthy breakfast for me and my family. I try to include fruits, vegetables, chapatti in the meal so that we can get all kinds of nutrients which will help us juggling throughout the day. I never miss breakfast. Other time meals I can skip but not breakfast. Healthy breakfast keeps you energized throughout the day. At times I have seen some people especially women complaining about feeling sick. That is mostly because they skip breakfast either due to time or they don’t want to eat (to lose weight one reason). Skipping breakfast is not going to help. So like me make your morning gold by having healthy breakfast. Sometimes I complement with a cup of coffee. For me on a working day I have to have one cup of coffee. It’s actually very good for health also as it provides necessary antioxidants which helps in fighting out work stress.

Also I make sure that I greet every person I meet with smile be at office or neighborhood or home. It’s my experience that if you start your day with smile and great conversation that positivity stays with you all day long. This is mine another way of making good mornings to gold. I try to avoid any kind of dispute, debate, disagreements in the morning. I don’t want to ruin my day by participating in argument.

I make sure to check online newspaper once before kick-start my office work. Some news is important. These are some of my ways to make my good morning to Gold Mornings. I would love to know yours.

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Megha Gupta


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