College Days Reminiscence

One of my colleague was sharing his college experiences when all of a sudden everybody who were engrossed in their computers before, suddenly turned their chairs towards him. Lot of people joined in and shared funny instances of their college life. I too couldn’t control myself and jumped in. All of a sudden the scene reminded me of song “I am gonna miss my college days

Seriously college days are best days of your life, atleast they were for me. College is the only time period where you have freedom to miss lectures and then also you get credits by impressing teacher or payment of fines. Me and my gang of girls used to hang out after 12:30 pm every day near a small snacks shop. We would gossip about teachers, so called couples in class and lot more crap. Sometimes we would plan what we gonna do in our lives and all of sudden someone will crack a joke and we will come back to nonsensical discussions of ours. During winters we use to hang out in college lawn. Sometimes abruptly we will plan to go for movie. We used to find occasions so that we can make someone bakra to treat whole group.

I had some of the best moments during college trips. We used to be so carefree. Generally college students don’t care much what anyone is thinking. You are not worried much about your wardrobe, makeup. Less money in pocket but more enjoyment. Once our whole class decided to go on mass bunk. Oh my god we were lashed next day by our college principal. Now if I look back I feel so happy that I have lived a good college life.

When I was doing MBA, I was living in hostel cum pg. All college girls of same class used to sit together to make presentations. Best part was when there were exams and we all use to look similar with our scary faces.

I am working in office, trust me it’s not possible to bunk office whenever I want. We don’t get that liberty. All the time we are working like crazy people. I remember that when I was in school I always used to pray when my school time over so that I can go to college. Going to college was really a special thing for all.

It becomes more fun if you are staying at campus. Playing pranks at odd times, trying to impress warden etc. etc a long list goes on. I often meet lot of people who says that they started working immediately after 12th and never attended college. My suggestion to all those who want to take similar road, please don’t go that way. Dude you have to work all your life why want to take trouble immediately after 12th.

What you think correspondence course or regular college?

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Megha Gupta 

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  1. Oh, I am so delighted to read this reminded me of my college days and luckily I was also a student of LPU, I did my MBA from there. My good early days at LPU came in front of my eyes after reading this blog. Thanks Megha and thanks LPU!