Fuschia Moisturizers Review

I get really interested in celebrities photos if they pose in front of their vanity table. My attention automatically diverts to their background. No doubt our B-Town celebrities uses some of the best skin care products available in world. And most of the expensive, luxurious lotions are housed in small bottles. Their vanity table are stocked up with those cute bottles. I used to admire and wish someday if I would get something like that. You know how much I adore Fuschia brand. I didn’t know until last month that they have also launched their lotions. When I get to know about them I wanted them immediately as they were just like my dreams. These pretty bottles are priced at Rs. 225 each. Click here to buy online.

PackagingFuschia moisturizers are housed in cute little bottles with a golden cap. Packaging is simple yet elegant. All variants are milky white in color. Fuschia lotions comes in total five variants orange & avocado, berry blend & apricot, lavender & calendula, lemongrass & lime, rose & geranium. These are available in two types of packaging 100 ml and 50 ml. What I got were 50 ml. Bottles are super light in weight and travel friendly. I always keep one in my bag. Lotions came neatly packed in a nice kit with every bottle was packed in a beautiful pouch.

My experience – I am living by myself and have to manage lot of household work on my own along with job, blog, and events. My fingertips skin became rough, chapped due to winters and work. I needed some lotion which could help me in softening my hands. Since Fuschia lotions were premium I kept those just for my hands. After continuous usage for fifteen days my hands have become soft. I always apply whenever I wash my hands, before going to bed or whenever I feel need to apply. All chapped skin was cleared after regular usage. Then after that I started using lotion on my arms. My arms look clear and bright after regular usage of fuschia lotions. Check my Instagram for my latest pics. Moisturizers are milky white in color with good scent according to variant. My favorites are lavender & calendula, berry blend & apricot. Lotion is very light and gets absorbs quickly on skin without leaving any greasiness. Brand has used some of the best ingredients to develop these amazing lotions. I am completely, hopelessly in love with these lotions. Thanks a ton to team VKare for developing amazing products for us.

  • Makes chapped fingertips soft
  • Awesome ingredients used
  • Lotion is light
  • Non greasy on skin
  • Packaging is elegant
  • Could be categorized as luxurious
  • None
R&W Review – 5/5

R&W Recommendation – Invest in good skincare products for healthy looking skin. Live life with simplicity and elegance. This is my way.

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Megha Gupta 


  1. They look so cute. I am sure they are great products. Greta review!

  2. Wow, these sound totally nice. I have to try out these moisturizers.