Leap Year Specials

I can’t believe its end of Feb, 2016 already. For me Feb had gone like a blurr. Moreover it’s a leap year. One day extra in spring month of 2016. When I was a kid it took me a while to understand how one year is treated as leap year. The concept used to amaze me that every year we accumulate 6 hours and 4th year becomes leap. I never know anyone in person whose birthday is on 29th Feb. I want to ask them how it feels *winks*

When I wake up today I thought what should I do today? I am busy all 365 days in a year and today is 366th day one extra day so I decided to do something special for myself. It’s okay to love and pamper yourself.  I decide to relax, read and write; result my day was superb. You don’t always need to visit big restaurants, parlors, shopping to make yourself happy. Sometimes doing what you love the most makes your day.

The year 2016 has taught me that it’s good to take decisions with heart but sometimes it’s best to listen to mind. I took some tough decisions and I hope that it’s good for me in long run.

I have become clearer than ever for what I want and what I don’t want in my life. I have learnt to dream in HD print and there are some dreams which don’t allow me to sleep. My family is my strength and I wish the bond gets stronger every passing day.

I love my writing job and enjoying every second of it. I feel more confident, beautiful and blessed. I love getting clicked which was never before. I have learned to laugh, stay calm even when chips are down. In short I have learnt to live.

Fashion By – Brijraj 

This is a Poly Georgette Anarkali Suit with Chiffon Dupatta. I used the stitching services of Brijraj. It's really simple to submit your measurements on their website as it explains every step with a visual. I got the exact piece as I saw in the picture. On both arms and anarkali pink color velvet has been used for designing. I like their golden thread work along with moti work. With minimal jewelry this suit has given me fab look. This dress is apt to be worn at weddings. The cloth used is Georgette which makes suit so light and comfy. It can be worn easily in summers. I love the dupatta in Chiffon it feels so light on shoulders. If you see dupatta also has tri color border on all the sides. R&W gives full rating to Brijraj. 

Megha Gupta