Why Katrina And Ranbir Should Breakup

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I have been hearing a lot about their relationship breakup and all. I have kept mum for long time but now I think it’s time to share my views on their relationship.

Ranbir is one of my favorite actors. He fits in every role and undoubtedly he is a charmer. When Ranbir did movie Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani he was dating Deepika. He dumped her for Katrina. That was the first mistake he made. Not of dumping Deepika but of choosing Katrina. I am not against her. She is wonderful actress. Reason why I am saying that it was a mistake because Katrina was dating Salman.

It is my observation that anyone who has married or got engaged to any of Salman's ex whom Salman was serious about is gone. 

You don’t believe me? I will prove my point of view with examples. First Salman’s ex from 90’s Sangeeta Bijlani. They were about to get married. But later Sangeeta chose Mohd. Azharuddin. World knows what has happened to Azharuddin. Second was Vivek Oberoi who became then boyfriend of Aishwarya Rai. He was a hit then and a flop now. Even worst he has vanished from the industry.

Then Aishwarya married Abhishek. Do you need my inputs on his career, haha?

Next was Ranbir Kapoor, why dear why you chose his girlfriend. You were at peak of your career. His career has doomed now and god only knows if he will ever get back there where he was or not.

Also what I felt that Katrina was somehow misfit for Ranbir. He needs a girl who is like his mom. That girl can bring his life back to normal.

I know lot of people have lot of things to say about them. I don’t know them personally but those were my views on their relationship. I just hope RK is back with bang. 

Please let me know what you think about their relationship.

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  1. I think now its time to take on Virat's & Anoushka's relationship also