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I was watching TV when I came across this new TV Commercial by Ariel Matic. I am sure most of you have already seen this (uhhh I am always the last one). I will tell you my little secret, I love commercials. I remember some popular jingles and sometimes I sing them. Crazy me. The commercial is so sweet and simple and I watched it like few times by downloading from you tube. A working mother enters her home after stressful day. Her dad has visited her. From the moment she enters home she is seen struggling with household chores as well as her office work. Her husband is sitting in front of TV and enjoying his favorite show or match. Father realizes his mistake that this is how girls/boys have been raised in our family. Guys should not do household chores and its the responsibility of only females. That's absurd thinking. Seeing his daughter struggling father realizes his mistake and leaves a letter for her daughter and wows that he will start helping her mom to share the load.  The commercial ends with a  message “Is laundry only a woman’s job? “ #Share the load

It’s a very sweet, simple and true message pertaining to Indian society. Still majority of guys in India have thinking that household chores are only women’s job. I am not against it neither in favor of. In earlier times men use to work outside and women use to stay at home. So obviously women use to do household work single hand. Now times have changed women are working and still following old thoughts doesn't make sense. I say when both are working then household work should be divided as well. Girl is also not made of steel. Guys in India especially want them to be perfect in everything. By saying this I am not keeping in one basket. I would like to ask them why? What make you so special to decide like this? I have heard guys announcing proudly in office that they don’t do anything when they go home and don’t even bother to learn.

There are very good guys who really care for women in their lives, mother, sister, wife. They always offer help. Either they know how to complete household work or are eager to learn. My mom’s friend son was so good in performing all kinds of household duties that my mom uses to give me his example. One day I warned him doesn't try to be over smart, LOL.

Also sometimes guys want to help their wife sharing the load, then mother in law have some objections. It’s not because she likes to torture her bahu but she’s just old school. So in such type of cases hubby’s need to convince their mom that its fine to help.

Success often takes toll on relationships. Especially girls if they get more successful than their beaus they are willing to move on immediately. That’s not ethical as per me. I know every girl wants her husband to be more qualified, smart, earning more than her. But when we talk about equality than don’t do all this rubbish. Guys respect and motivate if girl in your life is more successful than you. Trust me even if your friends, relatives teases you they feel jealous inside that why I don’t have girl like his in my life as well.

I know there is no one thought about all these things. I am not super guru or something. But as an individual I have full right to voice my opinion. My opinions are based on my experiences, acquaintances. Yours could be similar or different.

Feel free to add comments to the post if you feel like saying something.

Anyways it’s a good commercial, do watch it if you haven't seen it yet. 

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Megha Gupta 

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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  1. The biggest thing that boys have is ego. I just want them to add to more alphabets to it 'let go'. World will be much better place if boys accept this attitude of let ego go. :) Nice thought.