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I am reading shopaholic series these days. I am sure you must be thinking that why on earth I am reading the series now? These have been in market since 2000. Reason is that I am a new shopaholic in this dreamworld. I too have my confessions. My idea of a perfect shopaholic is to shop better at best discounts. 

It’s important to spend and save. Ever since the world of online shopping has evolved my eyes always browse on internet where I can download some coupons for discounts. 

There are so many websites to shop from and it’s difficult to track one for best deals. My way of doing is to visit and select the coupon I need. 

FreeCouponIndia has defined their categories very nicely like Fashion & Accessories, electronics & mobiles, furniture & home decor and many others. From all stores tab in menu you are able to see the listing store wise. You can select one as per your requirement and see if there is suitable deal available. 

What I like about their website is that they clearly mention if something is a deal or it’s a coupon. I have come across some sites which don’t indicate clearly as their purpose is to get more and more clicks. 

This website get loaded easily on 2g internet speed. I was looking for a product online. From FreeCouponIndia I got to know that Flipkart was offering some discounts on selected items. Thank god my choice was falling under special discount category and I was able to get that at discounted prices. Actually earlier I was about to place the order through amazon but my internet speed was bad so couldn’t place the order. That’s when I checked FreeCouponIndia, which was referred in a whatsapp group, browsed for the suitable deal and after comparing I reached conclusion that I have to buy from flipkart. I saved Rs. 100 on that product. 

I am feeling like I have received doctorate in shopping. Girls I am up for lecture on shopping, email me for that *winks* 

Overall website is good and I hope that they include more and more categories so that we can go on endless shopping spree. Next time you are planning to shop online, don’t forget to check

R&W Rating – 4/5 

Stick to R&W 
Megha Gupta

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