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After a tiring day in office all I want to do is to go home and relax. But I am hungry as well. Sometimes I cook and sometimes I just order food. I am very adventurous in trying out new eating joints, online food ordering. I don’t want to go to restaurant normally after office instead prefer some food service at home only. Not only me it’s every day struggle for all working professionals who are living away from family in a different city. I think Nupur and Anisha also faced similar challenge that’s why being ex-management consultants, along with team of seasoned chefs started their venture Eatonomist. The name reminds me of Economics ha ha no wonder this name was picked up by management graduates. This is an online food service. Its not a restaurant. 

You can order your food in few simple steps. Log on to their site and select your meal from their menu of the day. Login to your account, if don’t have one, it will be created in a minute. Choose from various payment options like PayUbiz, PayUmoney, MobiKwik or Cash on Delivery. Let’s read about my experience.

After creating account I selected three items from the menu Apple Melon and Feta salad, Kadhai Paneer with multi grain rotis, pasta salad. I decided to pick up food on the way. After placing order they were ready to deliver to my metro station. By the time I reached metro that guy was already there outside station. I requested him to give me a photo for blog. He was so shy but said happily yes. I quickly went out, picked up my parcel and came back in metro. I was so hungry at that time that I wanted to just open my meal quickly and have it then and there. In my head I kept on telling control Megha till I reached my apartment.

You can see that how nicely food is packed. All three items costed me Rs. 596 in total. The quantity of both the salads was sufficient including Kadhai Paneer. Only rotis were two halved into four pieces. I felt that there should have been two more rotis so that two people can have nice meal.

I had my meal after one hour of food delivery and rotis were really soft. I didn’t had to reheat them. Kadhai paneer was delicious and had lot of veggies in it. When you order salad there are three things to consider freshness, freshness and freshness. Salad was awesome. I love eating variety of salads and with addition of feta it tasted better. Pasta salad was also yummy. This is how my full thali looked like. 

As a foodie I will give 4.5/5 rating to Eatonomist. Currently they deliver food only in Gurgaon. You can order lunch as well as dinner. If you live in Delhi and work in Gurgaon like I do than you can also order your food and pick up on the go. Food tastes awesome. 

Have you tried Eatonomist?

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Megha Gupta 


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