Hunger Station Restaurant Review

Their menu is based on cooking styles. And you have to go there to try their amazing smoothies, fresh juices and milk shakes. These were some of the pointers I got from some of my friends who work in Spaze ITECH Park, Sohna Road, Gurgaon. I am referring to newly opened hunger station restaurant which has become talk of the Spaze ITECH Park.

Hunger station is cylindrical shaped restaurant which is on the ground floor and its first floor seating area is under construction. I went there during noon time and it was pleasure meeting Nikita who is co-founder of the restaurant and restaurant manager Mr. Bawa. She is really successful in her career and yet so down to earth.

Restaurant is set up in the vicinity of Spaze ITECH Park so it received maximum crowd from offices during weekdays. However on weekend restaurant receives its guests from nearby housing societies and other people who know about the place. If you are a wanderer and always lusts for new places than you should definitely check this place.

I like the colorful d├ęcor of the restaurant. From comfortable couches to high sitting tables to standard sitting arrangement everything is there. There is one wall there that became my fav. This quote “Nothing brings people together like good food” has become my fav these days.

Restaurant has an amazing prepayment system. Get a refill card for minimum value of Rs. 100 and then you can spent on different counters. It’s a food court within a restaurant. I really liked the idea. It’s kind of self-service as well table service. Left over balance in card is refunded once you decide to finish your meal and leave. I was impressed with the idea.

I started with milk shakes and coffee banana shake was something I never tried. I love banana shake and coffee shake. But had never tasted coffee banana shake. That was one of the best shake I ever had. If you like milk shakes then do try their strawberry shake as well. I wanted to try all the shakes but I have to pity my stomach as well.

Their menu has lot of options to try. I started with Veg Wonton (basically vegetable deep friend samosa) Delicious I must say. Hunger station offers tasty food in affordable prices. A milk shake costed only Rs. 110 and starts were priced from Rs. 95 with sufficient quantity for two people. Nikita suggested me to try Tandoori stuffed aloo and mirch malai seekh. I also shared the picture on my Instagram. The starters were amazing. By this time my stomach was already full but I still wanted to try their main course.

My orders were paneer makhni, khumb matter makhana, dal makhani with butter naan. It’s my way to test an eating joint. Those who can make paneer and dal makhani better than the best, those restaurants normally offer tasty food. And yes hunger station passed my dal test.

Hunger station offers pastries and brownies as desserts. But I feel they should have made some space for Indian sweets as well in their menu (I know my sweet cravings are blackmailing me to write this).
They do some of the best tasting fresh juices. I tried Red Alert which was a mixture of beetroot, carrot and orange. Overall it’s a great place to hangout either with your family or partner. If you don’t want to eat anything just go for smoothies or milk shakes.

R&W Rating – 4.8/5

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Megha Gupta