RawKing Juices And Salads A Healthy Start

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Once a week I try to dedicate one day to detoxification. That entire day I survive either on fruit/vegetable juices or fruits or salads. It’s not easy but it’s a mandate for me considering I am a writer as well as finance professional. Sometimes I am so busy with work that I have to grab a quick snack for lunch. To fix whole week food disorder I try to devote one day to detoxification. I never miss an opportunity. I thought why I don’t put my detoxification day to best use with RawKing 

About RawKingRawKing is a premium brand which specializes in cleanse plans, gourmet salads and juices. They are based in New Delhi.

RawKing sent me two gourmet salads – cottage cheese and veggies salad; colorful veggies salad in addition to two detoxification juices samurai and Olympian. Whole day with salads and juices feels great. Your tummy feels light and so your mind is refreshed. My condition about salads are that they have to be fresh. I cannot compromise on food quality. Second presentation of food has to be great. RawKing understand needs of its customers very well. They sent the gourmet salads neatly packed in plastic boxes which were sealed. The fresh smell of veggies was enough proof. They also gave me two different types of salad dressings. I spilled one by mistake (bad for me). Veggies were crunchy and fresh. I am not a vegetable person but I eat for my health (can you believe I am a vegetarian and then also not fan of vegetables). But I have improved a lot over years. This change came especially when I went to US and all I could find were salads.

I got my order delivered before 9am in the morning at my place so I carried that to my office. I started my day with colorful veggie salad. In the noon I had Samurai which has nutrients of apple, spinach, kale, green apple and chia seeds. It was refreshing and felt nice for stomach. RawKing specializes in fresh, cold pressed juices which are made using RO water and fresh fruits/vegetables. Shelf life is three days including manufacturing day. I got the juice the same day it was manufactured. I normally go to juice wala had ask him to prepare vegetable juice for me. RawKing juice was fresh like the juice I normally have at juice stand.

I ate other salad next day (I refrigerated it) and replaced my lunch with salad. I also had the Olympian juice that has goodness of pineapple, pear, yellow pepper, coconut water, chia seeds, and turmeric. I am in love with Olympian juice. My body felt so light and I am sure my digestive system was really happy.

RawKing made my detoxification day an easy day with their awesome salads and juices. I am looking forward to place my next order with them. Prices for salads were Rs. 199 per box and that of Juice were Rs. 149. I think that's pretty decent. 

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Megha Gupta


  1. The juices and salads look amazing. I hope they expand soon.

  2. Finally, people who have fast life but want to eat healthy can choose this. :)