5 Unforgettable Roles Of Amrish Puri

You know what I miss the most in films these days? A strong Villain. No doubt Amrish Puri was one of the best villains our film industry can ever have. He had a really good personality with strong and clear voice. R&W compiles his five unforgettable roles in this post

Baba Bhaironath in Nagina

Mogambo in Mr. India

Bhisambar Nath in Ram Lakhan

Advocate Chaddha in Damini

Ch. Baldev Singh in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge. He wasn’t exactly a villain but still he was. You know why I am saying that, don’t you?

Tell us what are your favorite roles of his?


  1. Thakur in Karan Arjun....ठाकुर तो गयो 😋

  2. this mans greatness is beyond this charaters he will allways be in our heart