Affimity A New Way Of Networking

I love trying out new things even if it’s a technology as well. It’s good to be in comfort zone but it’s bad if you wish to grow. My blog is doing well and thanks to all my readers. It’s expanding every single day and next step in expansion is joining Affimity.Com 

This is a very different and unique social network website or app which facilitates bloggers, writers and readers to come together. Joining new sites always gives us bloggers an opportunity to gain new readers. To write something it’s important to read something. I enjoy reading and writing both and this place is serving me best. See the snapshot of my profile. Click here to join me on affimity.

The reason why I am saying it’s different because they have categorized their channels in various interesting categories. So suppose if I am writing something on films so I can go to movies channel and add my post link there. This helps my blog a lot as I am not restricted to any one group only. My blog covers almost everything so I don’t have to categorize here myself as either lifestyle or fashion or anything. My articles when submitted to various groups gain some new readers and similarly I get to read lot of articles. I just click on my favorite category and I am good to know. Being a blogger it's important for me to gain some traffic. Affimity has given me an opportunity to drive in some traffic. This social network is great for bloggers as not only they can easily share their posts in various groups but can also gain long chain of followers. You can share same post in different groups provided it suits the channel type. As a lifestyle blog I find affimity very apt for me. As on some other social media network I have to specify my blog if its entertainment or beauty or of what kind. Here I don't need ot categorize my blog. 

Not only I can read but also I can comment on post and like it on affimity. Also if someone likes my post or I like someone else’s I can hit share to share across my Facebook page or twitter handle. Also one can generate questions, polls on website.

I am a new app girl in town and I am really crazy about downloading new apps. My phone is new home for affimity app which is available for android phones or IOS. Whenever I upload my article I immediately publish it on my affimity account as well through app installed on my android phone. I am spending a lot of time on affimity these days, I am sure my blogger buddies will also love this network.


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