Brands Riding On Emotional Advertising

I have studied finance as well as well marketing during my MBA program. There was a concept discussed emotional marketing. It means how brands connect emotions of people with their product in order to boost sales. These days I feel that lot of brands especially big names are displaying emotions in their commercials in order to win consumers. I have made a list of few brands that are using emotional advertising to conquer the Indian market.

Paper Boat - Their commercials are beautiful with touching lines and phrases. Their campaign theme is childhood memories. I love how cute is their packaging. No wonder this has become favorite drink of India. 

Raymond – The complete man is one who fulfils all his duties, responsibilities, one who understands and value relations. Till date I wait for its new commercial to be launched. Ohh I wish I could model in one of their ad.

Ariel – with their new campaign share the load this brand is producing some amazing commercials. They have beautifully depicted the mentality of Indian men towards household chores.

Cadbury – There commercials were based on festivals and festivities, relationships and have made their Cadbury celebration box really famous

Clinic Plus – Their mantra of advertising hasn’t changed from last two decades. What has changed are the face of mother and daughter not the relationship.

Prestige – Jo biwi se kare pyaar, wohh prestige se kaise kare inkaar. One can’t forget these amazing lines. We also bought prestige pressure cooker and till date my family is one loyal customer of prestige.

Let me know what brand you can think of in this category?

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