In Conversation With KCC Group Chairman Sharad Kohli

Sharad Kohli is the founder of KCC Group that aces in multidisciplinary advisory services. He has a profound educational background. He is a Chartered Accountant from India and UK, A management graduate and also holds a degree in Law. Mr. Kohli has won several accolades across the globe for KCC. He had been a columnist with HT media for finance domain and was also among the first experts to be invited by Times Internet in 90's for their maiden live chats on taxation and related issues. R&W is honored to interview a successful business person. 

Something about the group? 
KCC Real Estate, another subsidiary of the KCC Group, has been instrumental in advising clients in the UK, Middle East and Pan-India in hitting the right notes in the complex real estate markets. Another group undertaking KCC LLP was amongst the first to bring professionals from different streams under one roof to create a pool of intellect for consulting par excellence in the fields of direct and indirect taxation, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, asset management, set up of internal control systems among others. 

Kohli, with his far-sightedness and agile methodologies kick-started his most recent project of a specialized Start-up Division, one which offers super-specialized services on business valuations and deals with Angel investors. Today, owing to Kohli’s diligence, KCC has an extensive presence in NCR, Mumbai and in over 30 associate overseas locations around the globe making sure that it is never out of reach for their loyal as well as prospective clients. With a vision for growth and excellence, Kohli continues to be the torchbearer for KCC

What does your typical day look like? 
I start my day with gym at 6:30 followed by spa for sometime. A typical day keeps me absorbed with office and out meetings apart from media interactions. Evenings are spent with the family unless there is an event or a party to attend.

How old were you when you started your own business? Your family background? 
Coming from a business family, I was 22 when I launched myself into business. I charted a new course by getting into consultancy, contrary my family run Hotel & Restaurant business.

What is that one thing in you that made you a successful business person?
Remaining focused besides blessings of the almighty as I am a very religious person.

How important it’s for a business person like you to be updated with financial news?
Oh!!! It’s as important as breakfast, lunch & dinner. You miss and you starve yourself.

How much you read and what?
I can never fill up my appetite of reading. More the better. Reading involves online and offline material. It could be anything from financial journals, to current affairs, to blogs, to economic reviews, to articles on various issues. However, most of the reading gets interleaved in my busy schedule.

When you look at today’s time do you ever wish to be grown and raised now? If yes/no why?
I’m quite happy being grown up when I was as I do feel some of the values are getting eroded in the present times I was fortunate to have imbibed those at the time when I grew up.

What are the business persons you admire most from India and why?
I really admire Ratan Tata for his undying business spirit, Kumar Mangalam Birla for his vision, Mukesh Ambani for his business acumen, Mark Zuckerberg for his creativity, Steve Jobs for his innovation and many more.

What you would suggest to a young entrepreneur who have just started or want his/her own business 
The magic formula for a successful startup is a combo of these four:
Patience, Perseverance, Endurance and of course, Money

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