Jubilee Films To 100 Crore Club

We were watching Amar Akbar Anthony this weekend when my father announced that he watched this film for the first time at so and so theatre. Casually I asked him how many films you have watched in theatres. I was shocked when he told me that he had watched 700-800 films in theatre. That was the moment I understood from where I got this filmy germ from. I can’t even imagine this number to complete during my lifetime. I am choosy when it comes to watching films in cinema halls provided we have to spend a lot these days on movie tickets.

I asked him how come people use to watch so many films in theatre. He told us that there were no television sets back then. So we had no other option than watching a film in cinema hall. That was the moment it clicked that yes that’s the reason why films in those days use to do silver jubilee or golden jubilee. Whereas films now a days run for hardly two weeks or max four weeks.

I always say that you know lot of things but sometimes you don’t realize it. The thing about films working for 25 weeks or more before 90’s was due to the fact that there were no television sets. Lot of times people would films were better back then that’s why films use to celebrate jubilee’s but that was not the case. Since the time television came in our homes films running time constantly decreased. Today we have more than 200 channels showing various shows, films. Who needs theatre until and unless you don’t want to watch a new film?

One of my friend shared that her father used to maintain diary in which he use to list down every single film that he watched in theatre. Once she opened his diary there was not a blank page in that diary.

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Megha Gupta 


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