Ki And Ka Movie Review

This weekend I went to watch the film. I didn’t read other people review because I have my own opinion on films. And in most of the cases my instinct about the film proves right. I also did a trailer review here.

Movie gave visuals to my dream of seeing the world like if responsibilities were swapped. It was cool to see Arjun as house husband and Kareena as ambitious women. I like the film for the fact that it was quite realistic. I was able to relate to Kareena’s character Kia in many ways. Her dress up was as per corporate world with minimal makeup look. Kia was clear what she wanted in her life. Thanks to Balki that he didn’t complicated the film at all with much cry over babies or family issues or any other emotional setting. The film was about a couple not about whole society. I never felt during the film that director or actors are trying to set an example. It’s a really simple, romantic film. I didn’t laugh or cried but yes all through I was smiling. The scenes about accepting Kabir as house husband comes out natural. Film progresses at optimum pace.The film ends with a great message that life is not complicated because of gender bias or anything. It gets mixed up because of the roles that we have in life. It could be played by either one. I hate long speeches or drama in the films and don’t worry you won’t hear anything like that in the film.  If you haven’t watched the film yet you should book a ticket and go for it.

R&W Review – 5/5

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Megha Gupta 


  1. Love your review Hon! ! Would definitely watch ☺☺

  2. Simple, realistic and idea worth spreading. Nice review Megha!