Asian Designer Week Rajdeep Ranawat

Hi Guys,

This time I went for Asian Designer Week which was held at JLN Stadium, New Delhi. My experience this time was different than before. As I get to see the rehearsals. It is fun to watch rehearsals like how models are not doing right and then the trainer is scratching her head and all. They were playing pranks on each other and it was delightful sight. 

Rajdeep Ranawat is an Internationally acclaimed designer and his show was the opening show of Asian Designer Week. His collection was titled "An Escape To Italy". Collection was fun, with quirky designs for holidays that were inspired from coastal towns of Italy. Stunning hand painted artworks and architectural paintings of villas, islands, boats and pretty foliage inspired by beautiful seascapes of picturesque coastal cities of Portofino, Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi is the essential inspiration for this range of Cruise wear for 2016. 

Fabrics such as crepes, fine cottons were used in silhouettes. Show was spectacular and lot of creativity was used to present it. I didn't even realized when those fifteen minutes were over. I was so much into watching the show that I almost forgot to click pictures. But still I managed to click. Noyonika Chatterjee was his show stopper and she looked like a dream in his best design. 

His designs are amazing and have won my heart. I wanted to rob every single piece he displayed in the show. 

Stick to R&W 
Megha Gupta  


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