Barcelos Bar And Dining Review

Yeah it is time for another restaurant review. It feels awesome to be invited to amazing places and try out anything of your choice from their vast menu.

Barcelos is not a new name; it has been there worldwide since 1933. It is known for its famous red, black burgers. Well I didn’t try their burgers this time as they have come up with new menu options and I tried them all (but off course vegetarian)

I always drag my sister Ekta with me even if doesn’t want to go. That’s when I display my elder sibling’s card, haha.

It was beautifully decorated and resembled any typical US diners. The seats are distant enough to give you enough privacy you needed.

We started with Sangria Red wine. We both love red wines and it works as a nice appetizer. Our first dish for the evening was Mezze Platter. There were some soft pita bread, some cutlets decorated with seasame seeds, hummus, variety of other sauces and together it was super delicious dish.

Our next order was Peri-Peri Paneer Kebabs and Mediterranean Grilled Mushroom Skewers. Paneer was so light and soft that it instantly melted in mouth. It was covered with amazing sauce that enhanced the taste. It had natural aroma that was soothing for my senses. Barcelors grilled Mushroom was the best mushroom I ever had. We loved these two dishes so much that we repeated the order. These two are must try.

Then we also tried some mini wraps. Do try soyabeen miniwrap whenever you visit Barcelos. It is awesome; in fact the bread used has a covering of cottage cheese that makes it really soft.

Sweets are must for me. We tried cheesecake and tiramishu. Cheese cake was really good and tiramishu was ok.

The food was so light then when we were done, we didn’t felt like overeating or anything like normally it happens with any restaurant food. I would love to visit Barcelos over and over.

R&W Rating -5/5

Stick to R&W
Megha Gupta

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