Biotique Blogger Meet

I always feel thrilled and happy whenever I am invited to a blogger meet. It’s nice to meet fellow bloggers, listen to their stories, and tell them yours over a glass of champagne. It sounds fun, right? Bloggers from Delhi were invited by Biotique for their first blogger meet that was organized at Olive Bar & Kitchen.

The invite was sent in a box at my home. Venue was perfect with open garden restaurant, a small hall with a bar. When I reached there Biotique team was already there. They had set up a counter that displayed all products from Biotique.

I met lot of fellow bloggers some of them I had met in other meets and some were new. It feels good to have more people in your network.

Mr. Ramakant Sista VP, Marketing at Biotique and Marcia Rodrigues gave presentation about legacy of brand. They told us about their products and newly launched skincare regime based on Swiss technology. Their presentation was really good and engaging as well. Some bloggers shared their Biotique stories. I will be reviewing their new skincare regime soon on blog.

Biotique team did a wonderful job of organizing meet. They were on their toes so that we can have fun. Brand pampered us a lot and we all had good time there.

We had pizzas and mocktails and came back home with new skincare regime goodie bag. 

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Megha Gupta 


  1. Wow! It must have been so wonderful in the bloggers meet :)

  2. Very interesting write up! Hoping to bump into you in a lifestyle bloggers meet sometime :)

  3. Sounds like all of you had a wonderful time.

  4. I have liked Biotique products since a long time as except for a few,most of them do exactly what they promise :) Excited to know about your take on some of their products! This looks like a great fun event!

  5. Wow! You've got a lovely blog! All the reviews are so helpful. Keep Blogging and All the best.