Blissbox PMS Subscription Box Review

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This post is going to be special for me as I am doing my first subscription box review. I hope many more to come soon. I got PMS box meant for girls & women from Bliss box. Blissbox team keeps on coming with new ideas to develop amazing boxes every month. 

This is the basic box priced at Rs. 499 only. Periods if I talk about they never scared me. In fact I was really happy when I got my first period.  I personally feel that periods are something not to feel bad or shy about it. It is natural process and all girls in this world go through it. I don’t feel special or neither bad during those days. Blissbox PMS box is a nice way to treat yourself during those days.

Since Blissbox were still in process of getting their boxes done so I got my first box actually without a box. That’s fine with me as I was more interested what is inside it.

You can see the list that’s what I got in my PMS box. There were chocolates, candies, sanitary pads, tissues, hand sanitizer etc. They have carefully put together this box by taking into consideration girl’s needs. Box has been assembled with products required for sanitation and health, mood swings and surprise. No wonder this box is done by a woman.

There were even coffee pouch, tea bags, sugar and creamer inside the box. This was actually funny part but really thoughtful. You know girls how much you need caffeine in those days.  There was a key chain in it and a surprise gift item comes every month. I got a nice chunky necklace that goes well with Indian or Indo-western wear.

You can also gift this box to your friends or a young girl who just got her first period. I feel that don’t scare girls just make them feel good about it. Periods are something to be proud of. You can click here to book your subscription box. You can also find them on instagram here and you can also book through given phone number. 

R&W Rating - 4/5

What are your thoughts about PMS box?

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