First Eat Healthy Meals Service Review

I am a big foodie and love to try out new restaurant, eating joints. Ordering online has grown in past one year. But I a particular when I have to order food from outside. I prefer healthy meals and even if it is junk food some element of health has to be there. There is this amazing outlet out there in Gurgaon First Eat

First Eat is one of the best online Healthy Meals Delivery Service that currently delivers food in Gurgaon and will soon cover Delhi-NCR. You can get healthy and fresh meals delivered at your doorstep from 8am to 6pm. These meals are prepared fresh and retains nutritional value of food at minimum price of Rs. 65. You can opt for their subscription here. Keep on reading to discover my experience.

I ordered parantha platter, poha, veg club sandwich and detox juices. In parantha platter there were six aloo-pyaaz paranthas. They were piping hot when they delivered to me. Best part these were made of whole wheat and less oil was used. They came neatly packed in a tub and I had these paranthas until next day. I kept them in fridge and they stayed perfect and fresh. Paranthas were large in size and I easily had two paranthas at a time because they were so light. Along with paranthas First Eat send rich curd and pickle. I love aloo parantha and they just made my day.

Then I had poha which was nutritious and cooked well with lot of groundnuts, veggies etc. It was a delight. Food had natural aroma which was evidence of it being freshly prepared.

Veg Club Sandwich I had next day of ordering. It came packed in a nice box. I love sandwiches and for me it was superb. Sandwich had lot of veggies, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard etc. Brown bread was used to make the sandwich. I accompanied with detox juices and it was a healthy treat for my tummy.

Service was really quick and I got order by 5:45pm at my doorstep. I am really happy with their service and it is boon for people who stay away from families and struggle for food every day. It is healthy, hygienic and nutritious food option. If both husband and wife are working and they can’t manage daily cooking because of busy schedules they can opt for this service. You can have a healthy breakfast or an early dinner.

You can also download their app from here and here. Actual food was ten times better than it looks in photos. My apartment doesn’t get proper light since another building has been constructed right in front of it. I am hunting for a new place to shoot. Will find my aashiyaan

R&W Rating – 5/5 (Health, hygiene and nutrition)

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Megha Gupta 


  1. I'm not sure how far detox juices work, but I love the unique taste they have.

  2. This definitely looks perfectly wholesome & nutritious :)