Five Lucrative Career Options After School

Schools are over and now you are struggling to get admission in some decent college. Here is a thing, you don’t enjoy studying. But you don’t know what to do if you don’t do a regular degree. In this writeup I would like to suggest five career options that are different from regular studies and can give you lot of earnings. You need only two things to succeed determination and patience.

Makeup Artist – This career has taken a new turn from in last five years. Earlier only those who can’t afford to go for higher studies used to opt for this career option. But now days this is one of the best career option to go for. If you really love makeup, styling you can learn it professionally. Lot of people make a mistake here. They do a short term course and without any training they set up their own parlour. In most of the cases those parlous shut down within six months and demotivated these people look for another career option. You have to understand makeup is an art and skill that can be polished by more practise and learning. Like you spend three years in a graduation, give yourself time. After course, for atleast two years work as an intern. Stay focused to learn what trending, new hair styles, makeup etc.

Language – This does require studying. But yes it will be different then studying your normal course books. It will be like learning all over again. It is fun and selects a language like French, Spanish, Italian etc. that will give you broader spectrum. You can work as a freelancer or teacher or language expert in a company. This is a skill that will never go waste.

Photographer – I am not talking about getting a DSLR and clicking some photos and yeah you are a photographer. No dear that doesn’t work for long. If you are serious about photography, do a regular course then internship. These days it is a lucrative option. After internship you can decide what type of photography you want to specialize in whether wedding, child, films, movies, reality shows, travel, fashion, journalism, products etc. There are so many fields that you can choose from. But always remember you will be successful only if you are really good at it.

Chef – You love cooking, enjoy making new dishes. Don’t waste your time and talent and go for professional course. There will always be demand for good cooks worldwide. Lot of people want to venture into restaurant business and they are willing to offer partnerships to chefs. Horne your skills and you can earn a lot. This skill can take you on top of the world.

Public Relations – Do you enjoy interacting with new people on regular basis? You are able to influence people around you with your words? Then you are meant to go for Public Relations. This is another career option that is so much in demand because of new and new PR firms coming in the market. Lot of brands hire their own PR. Without being studious you can make a lot of money and goodies being a PR person.

At the end of the day it is your career and your choice. Do what your heart tells you to do. Rest of the world can go to sleep.

Stick to R&W

Megha Gupta 


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