How Independent Are Independent Women

I usually travel to office by using Shuttl. It is a travel service that has become really popular in Delhi NCR and caters to daily travelling needs of working people. You have to download app, recharge it and you can book cab as and when required. It is a convenient and cheap option to travel provided they are giving AC traveller buses.

Like any normal day I was seated in the bus. A girl entered and driver asked her to show booking ID. She showed a booking ID and immediately driver said Mam this is an old ID and has been expired one month before. To which she replied I got this ID from my friend. Driver called the shuttle executive. He checked her ID and it was a screen shot of an old ID saved. She didn’t even have the app on her phone. She started arguing with executive and driver that she is not bluffing and all. Everybody sitting in the bus knew that she was lying. One guy told us that she works in his office. I felt really disgusted at her petty act. In order to save meagre amount of travelling she didn’t even thought for once about her reputation.

I know my words could be harsh to some, but it is truth. I have myself witnessed lot of girls not willing to spend their money on food, movie tickets whenever they go out with their boyfriend or friends. I remember an incident that happened in my office few years back. There was this girl and boy. They were dating and that girl stole her boyfriend’s credit card. She shopped for 25k and threw the card. Now boyfriend was not aware that his card was stolen by his girlfriend. He got a message about transaction in the afternoon. He immediately rushed to the vendor outlet and checked on CCTV camera who was the thief. He was shocked to see his girlfriend. He filed a complaint with HR and she was immediately fired.

Another friend of mine was telling me that this girl in her office use to go for evening snacks everyday with some guys. She will never carry her wallet so that she never has to pay. Those guys use to taunt her because of that. But she would pretend like she hasn’t heard a word. Without worrying about her image, she would just be their desk each day so that she doesn’t have to pay.

I feel utterly disgusted when I witness or hear such incidences about girls. I am an independent girl because I never refrain from paying bills. Only those people who actually do such things are going to hate me after this article. But let’s just face that truth is never sweet. It was not easy for me to write on this topic and I kept on postponing it until now.

Girls I just want to request please don’t spoil your image in order to save some cash or for some benefits. You are educated, working then why you have to be dependent upon someone else to pay your food bills, shopping bills etc. You are working that doesn’t make you independent. Independence comes from taking actual responsibility.

I want to hear from everybody out there about this topic. What are your thoughts?

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Megha Gupta

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