Must Have Five Fruits In Summers

For me everything is wrong about Indian summers be it heat, humidity, smell, harsh sunlight, dry and hot wind. Only good thing is that summers give you an opportunity to have variety of fruits. I love fruits and enjoy having them all the time. You should also relish juicy and tasty fruits in summers. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants which are good for health and skin. I have listed must have top five fruits.

Mangoes – This fruit is designed by nature exclusively for summers. It is juicy, sweet and sour fruit that is the best treat for your taste buds. It is not grown in many nations around the world. Whenever people from abroad visit India in summer’s first thing they wish to have are mangoes. Mango is rich in vitamin A, lowers cholesterol, have cancer preventing antioxidants and it alkalizes the whole body.

Green Almonds – These are one of the rarest fruits that help in fighting bad cholesterol. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and are good for heart, skin and hair. They also prevent you from heat stroke in summers.

Musk Melon – They have high dosage of beta-carotene and Vitamin A which helps in improving eyesight and prevention of cataract. Rich in potassium musk melons are helpful in regulating blood pressure. These are naturally sweet and juicy fruits. That is the reason why you will find these being served as desserts. My advice will be to eat them before meals. As fruits should not be consumed immediately after meals.

Peaches – It has a very unique taste and is helpful in relieving cancer cells, obesity. Due to its anti-ageing properties it is best choice among skin care products. Why not have them to get maximum benefit rather than just spending in products.  

Papaya – People often call it as fruit for ill health. But it is not so. It is really good in taste and is helpful in boosting immunity. It is one of the rare fruits that help in prevention of arthritis. Papaya is great in reducing pigmentation and tanning. That is why lot of face masks, face packs have papaya as their key ingredient.

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