My Ideal Dubai Yatra

Dubai is one such country that fascinates me a lot. I have heard a lot of good things about Dubai. Lot of our relatives have been to Dubai. I have this wish in my heart to take my family on vacation to Dubai. I wish to visit Dubai with my family sometime in future. A holiday for me should be like a holiday with no hassles involved in travelling, stay, sightseeing etc. I would never want to be in a phase where I am working hard to make my holiday a success. If I am constantly worried about arrangements on trip than it was better that I had stayed back. There should be no tension of commuting or stay with me or my family whenever I plan to go out on a holiday.

Dubai is my intended vacation and I am hoping that it should come true soon. My ideal vacation would start by getting a taxi at my place to pick up me and my family to go to Delhi Airport. I want to get air tickets at best possible prices. It is good to spend money on vacation but I would like to use my brain to avoid unnecessary expenses. In order to book tickets I would go to an online portal where I will skim through data and find various flight schedule. Based on my budget and requirements I would go ahead and buy tickets. My flight preference would be Emirates Airlines as I have heard lot of good things about it.

My hotel should be located at such a place that would be convenient to reach from airport as well as apt for sightseeing so that we have to travel less. I will plan a four day and three night’s tour. First and second day we will definitely check out various places in the country. To roam around in the country the taxi will be pre-booked from India so that when we reach there we don’t have to worry about anything. It should be just sit in the car and go.

Third day will definitely be dedicated to shopping as everybody in my family is crazy about shopping and in Dubai one has to shop. Whenever one goes out on a trip you have to keep in mind a budget for everything. From tickets, taxi and shopping everything has to be planned well in advance. Else you don’t want to come back home feeling overspent. That will ruin the fun of holiday.

Holidays are to relax and chill. Better planning makes it a heavenly experience. Our last day would be devoted to some sightseeing at nearby places to hotels and packing everything back to leave. I will definitely make sure to reach airport at time to buy some stuff from duty free shops. Similar planning has to be on our way back home. I never feel like disturbing our friends or relatives for an airport pick up. I would have a taxi booked to take us back home.

I am hoping that my dream comes true soon.

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