Think Frill La Coffer Subscription Boxes

This is my own mantra that when life is not giving you good surprises, then surprise yourself with subscription boxes. I am on unending quest to try out new subscription boxes in the market. Think Frill is a new and premium brand that has entered the market for subscription boxes. It is an eCommerce cum subscription Box Company and has an online store for beauty products. Brand has plans to introduce subscription boxes for men in near future. Their first of many launches is La Coffer Subscription Box. This is a period subscription box designed especially for women by taking into consideration all women needs during her period.

La Coffer is not just one box; instead it has three variants Duchess Coffer, Princess Coffer and Queen Coffer. I liked the name Think Frill has chosen for their subscription boxes. All three variants are priced differently and apart from some basic contents every box has something different to offer.

Duchess Coffer is priced at Rs. 150 per month. For Rs. 150 you get products valued at Rs. 310

Princess Coffer is priced at Rs. 300 per month. For Rs. 300 you get products valued at Rs. 480

Queen Coffer is priced at Rs. 600 per month. For Rs. 600 you get products valued at Rs. 1,150

For all these three boxes you can add customized supplies of sanitary pads, tampon and panty liners. Based on your monthly requirements you can select light, medium or heavy options. In light you can get 10 pads, panty liners or tampons or you can chose mix of all three. Medium gives you an option for 15 and 20 are for heavy option. Not only quantity but you also have an option to pick up your favorite sanitary brand.

All three boxes have some of the best, handpicked items for use. Based on your wish you can subscribe for any of the three boxes. You can either subscribe for a month, three month or six month. 

Interesting part here is that you can choose any date of delivery from before 10th, 20th or 30th of every month. The order will reach you on time and will be neatly packed. I myself have subscribed for all three boxes and these were delivered to me well in time. Click here to check out their plans and if you like them please subscribe.

I have also shot an unboxing video for Duchess Coffer. In next two weeks you will see the unboxing videos of Princess Coffer and Queen Coffer as well. 

R&W Rating – 5/5

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Megha Gupta 


  1. Very sorry to say that i've had a very bad experience with this website. No reply to emails. Phone numbers do not work. This review is the reason i went with ordering but I seriously regret it. I don't mean to offend you, thinkfrill is the one to blame. I would suggest people to be careful with this.

    1. I am sorry to know you had such bad experience. Please share your name and details on my email id I will check with these guys

  2. Even i have tried the number and e-mail but I have also not received any answer