Tips For Happy And Safe Periods

Periods or menstruration cycle is an inevitable part of every girl’s life. It has been seen that some girls go through severe pain, mood swings during those five days of month. Lot of girls are so scared of those five days that they feel like taking off or skipping office. Through this article R&W would like to share some tips that can help you feel better during those days.

Cold Food – Try to stay away from cold drinks, ice-creams and even food that is not heated especially rice during periods. As it is tested that consumption of anything cold can trigger severe pain in lower abdomen. Instead try having lukewarm water, green tea or coffee to feel better.

Sanitation – Proper sanitation is really important during those days. I am sure you all use readymade pads. It is important to change your pads every three hours even if it is not stained. Reason is that these pads manufacturing companies adds a chemical to pads to make them last long. If you wear them for long they can be a reason for infection. Use an intimate wash in the morning and for evening you can wash again or can also use wipes.

Diet – Forget about your dieting plans during those days. Some girls feel a lot hungrier than other days in month. Then you must supply energy to your body. Every body functions differently. If your body is asking for food, then eat. I am not asking you to eat cakes and sweets to increase weight. May be you can eat three roti’s instead of two.

Moodswings – Try to control your mood swings. It is a regular thing and it can be irritating. Try to focus on your work or studies to take your mind off from the period’s problem. Set up in your mind that it is just a normal thing.

Extrapads – You should always carry an extra pad for yourself in your bag. Periods date can vary from month to month. If you know that don’t be dependent on others to help you out immediately. Keep your stock ready and handy.

Gaining sympathy – This point might sound harsh to some of you. But I am writing out of my observations. I am also a girl and understand everything about periods. But some girls I have seen in office or college behave very abnormal during those days. They will be sitting whole day holding their abdomen, everybody around them will know that yes she is going through periods. I have seen girls requesting guys in team to get coffee for her as it is difficult for her to move. This is so ridiculous. If some girls think that they will gain any kind of sympathy then they are wrong. In fact what they don’t know is that people make fun of them at their back. Why you have to announce to whole world that you are going through a period. I am not someone who will say don’t talk about periods, else I won’t have been writing this article on my blog.

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