Top Five Indian Brands That Are Confused As Foreign Brands

Indian market is flooded with foreign brands. This is the reason why at times lot of Indian brands are also confused as foreign brands. In this writeup I have listed five brands that are actually Indian but lot of people are under impression that they are foreign.

Da Milano – I am sure lot of girls think that this is some Italian brand for bags and accessories because of its Italian name. Well this brand is 100% Indian. They chose an Italian name because of Indian’s obsession with foreign brands.

La Opala – It is renowned brand in crockery, tableware. Due to its French name people think it is a French or European brand when it is an Indian brand. In order to fascinate Indian consumers’ manufacturers chose this name.

Van Heusen – In fact I used to think that this is a foreign brand because of its stylish clothes and quality. Again it is an Indian brand owned by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle in India.

Amrut Single Malt – Again this brand is often confused as European brand whereas it is distilled in Bangalore, India.

Flying Machine – This is the India’s first denim brand that was launched by Arvind Mills in 1980

I hope that this article was helpful and enjoyable.

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Megha Gupta  

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