Top Ten Health And Skincare Benefits From Basil Leaves

Basil or Tulsi had been an important part of our households. Even today lot of Hindu families have one sacred Basil plant in their homes. Basil is known for its purity and healing benefits. In this post I will tell you ten health and skincare benefits from Basil. After reading this post I am sure you would like to have your own Basil plant at your home.

Glow – Dry basil leaves and ground them to make powder. Add the basil powder to your face packs and apply on your face, neck and arms. After wash you will feel your skin has become softer than before and with regular use your skin will have a natural glow.

Youthful look – Basil leaves have natural antioxidants and are very healthy for skin. It can make your skin youthful and fresh looking.

Blemish Free – Make juice of Basil leaves and apply on concerned area. It is effective on reducing blemishes naturally. That is the reason why lot of face wash brand are using Tulsi as their key ingredient for blemish free face wash.

Anti-Ageing – Basil is a natural way of reducing early signs of ageing. Start adding it to face packs. You can also use multani mitti, basil and milk to prepare a face pack. Apply that once a week for best results.

Hair Care – Make hair masks, packs using basil and amla. Your hair will be free from dandruff and breakage will also reduce.

Vitiligo – Vitiligo is a disease that can be characterised by white patches on skin. Regular intake of basil can cure vitiligo.

Immunity – Tulsi is really good in boosting immunity. Have two leaves every day for maximum health benefits. You can also add to your regular tea. It will add nice fragrance, flavour and health to your tea.

Healer – Tulsi is a natural healer and is effective in healing wounds, cuts and burns. Tulsi powder can be applied directly on wounds, cuts and burns. It also reduces the pain caused due to burns and wounds.

Skin Infections – It is king of antioxidants, antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal properties. It is effective in both preventing and curing skin infections.

Cough, cold – It is an old technique to have tulsi tea to get relief from cough and cold. It has natural medicinal properties that work immediately and effectively.

I love natural herbs and will always keep a basil plant in my home. What about you? 

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Megha Gupta

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