Top Ten Ways To Stay Odour Free In Summers

Summers are equal to humidity, perspiration, bacteria and therefore body odour. Believe it or not Indian people are known as the stinky people in whole world. There are reasons to it as well. Infact while travelling in metro I myself have observed well educated girls and boys stinking that you wish to get out of metro immediately. Some people live in this notion that they don’t smell bad. You have to understand every person will stink if he or she is not taking proper care. What are the things that you can do to stay odour free in summers?

Repeating Clothes – Do not wear clothes that you have already worn once again in summers. Due to perspiration clothes start smelling bad even after one time use. Make sure that you always wash your clothes after one time use. And use good detergent like ariel, surfexcel, tide etc. to wash your clothes instead of those local made detergents. These good quality detergents don’t harm clothes colour and quality and also makes them fragrant.

Soaps – Undoubtedly you can’t skip bathing in summers. Make sure you are using herbal soaps like medimix, hamman, margo etc. in short neem based soaps. These soaps are effective in keeping you odour free for long. Guys can invest in soaps like cinthol, dettol, medimixetc. After bath especially guyz should use fragrant talc like old spice. Girls can use body mist after bath.

Deodorant – Make sure to invest in good quality deodorant and perfumes. Just applying deodorant once in morning is not going to help. Always carry a bottle in your bag and keep on applying in every three hours to stay fresh and fragrant.

Waxing – Both girls and guyz should get their underarms hair clean. Girls should always go for waxing to clean underarms hair and don’t use those hair removal creams. Those hair removal creams are reason for pungent smell coming out of underarms. So always go for waxing. Guys you are also advised to clean your underarms hair by using razor or waxing. Those of you have heavy hair growth on chest and shoulders please use a scissors or razor to trim or clean them. Perspiration on body hair is the reason for foul smell coming from your body.

Water – People who drink less water smell bad as compared to people who drink lot of water. Make sure you are drinking a lot of fresh water. You can also add lemon drops. It makes sure that your sweat doesn’t smell bad.

Diet – If you are eating more spicy, oily food in summers than your sweat will be smelly. Try to eat light food in summers to stay odour free. And if you eat less spicy food you will also feel light.

Bathing – Whether you are staying at home or you go out. You should take bath twice a day in summers. Once in the morning and other in the evening after you came back from work.

Onions – Try to avoid eating onions in salad especially when you are not at home. If you are in office don’t carry cut onions with you. I understand that onions are good to protect you from heat waves but if you are eating them in salads you will tend to smell bad. Instead add some to your veggies while cooking. That way you are benefited both ways.

Fruits – Increase intake of fruits like melons, peaches, pears, apples in your diet. These fruits have natural fragrance and minerals that keeps your body temperature stabilized and helps in avoiding bad smelling sweat.

Lemonade – Instead of having cold drinks and packaged juices try having lemonade. You can take one glass full of cold water and squeeze one lemon, a pinch of black salt. Drink that before you go out. Neither you will be affected by heat stroke nor will you smell bad. Lemon is effective in keeping pungent smell away from your body.

These tips are tried and tested on me. I hope that these tips were helpful.

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Megha Gupta 

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