Benefits Of Reading Novels

I got into habit of reading novels when I was in eighth grade. There is a little story to it which I will tell you some other time. People (especially those intellectual lot, I hate them) often tell you that you don’t get any benefit from reading novels. If you want to read then read books about philosophy, stories of successful people. My belief is that one should have habit of reading and then it’s your choice what you want to read. I have learnt a lot by reading novels. I will tell you how reading novels benefit me in long run.

benefits of reading novels

Novels are often fiction but lot of real facts are used to develop that story. Like in one of the book I read I learnt what kind of life did people of Japan live when their country was fighting in Second World War. What was their reaction when they saw white skin people in their country for the first time?

My teachers used to call me chatterbox and even my mother was not happy with my habit of talking so much. Once I started reading I learnt the art of sitting quiet.

I used to hate studying at late nights. Only because of novels I got into habit of late night studies as I used to stay late to unleash suspense of novel. I have to tell you this helped me a lot when I went for higher studies.

If you want to learn about foreign country culture read a novel. Trust me you will learn a lot. When I interacted with any foreigner for the first time it was not at all awkward for me as I know already lot of things about them. This helped me a lot personally as well as professionally.

My English vocabulary, writing skills improved drastically.

I have this weird habit of living a fictitious life of lead of novel. For few days I become that person (not like a psychopath or something) like how it happens when you admire a particular person and you start behaving like him/her. I become sophisticated and was not socially awkward even when I attended high profile events. 

Right from the time I was born I had this independence streak in me. It flourished from reading novels as most of the novel leads were independent. 

Do you love reading novels? Tell me about it. 

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