Biotique Face And Skin Care Regime Review, Biotique Products Review

Summers are a season for tanning, dull skin and especially for wheatish coloured skin person like me. My prince is a good skincare routine for summers that can keep me looking fresh all the time. I am lazy by nature and I need a skincare routine that is effortless. I was introduced to Biotique some time back when I attended their meet. I was anyways looking for a nice set of new skincare products that I can try this summer so I thought why not Biotique.

I used four of their products as part of Biotique Face And Skin Care Regime for summers

Biotique Botanicals Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash – This facewash by Biotique is enriched with natural ingredients like margosa leaf extract, wintercherry root extract, moong seed extract, honey, coconut oil, ritha fruit extract, purified water. The face wash is organically pure and free of any kind of preservatives. 50ml tube of Biotique face wash is priced at Rs. 60

Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub – It is enriched with goodness of Papaya fruit and seeds, kela fruit pulp, khajur fruit pulp, neem bark, methi seeds, yashad bhasm, banhaldi rhizome, aam beej, bees wax, kikar gum, moongphali oil and purified water. This scrub is 100% natural and 75g of tub is priced at Rs. 199

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Soap – Made of 100% natural extracts of almond oil, margosa oil, castor oil, wild turmeric oil, turmeric rhizome extract, sunflower, coconut oil, soap base. 75g bar of Biotique soap is priced at Rs. 50

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar UVA/UVB Sunscreen Lotion – Biotique sunscreen lotion is enriched with ghrit kumara pulp, methi seeds, madhu, ankurit gehun oil, kusumbhi oil, chinai ghas gel, moongphali oil, purified water. 120ml bottle of Biotique sunscreen is priced at Rs. 199

I mentioned the ingredients on purpose to show that all these products are rich in natural extracts and do not have any kind of natural preservatives. These are some of the rarest skincare products that are enriched with real nectar to give you flawless skin. All these four products comes in a nice packaging that ensures that goodness of products is not hampered. Brand claims that their products are based on ancient ayurvedic recipes.

How I followed Biotique regime – I use Biotique nectar flawless face wash twice a day morning and evening. This face wash is transparent white in colour and has silky smooth texture. The face wash is gentle on face and forms sufficient lather for cleaning face. It does not make lather like sulphate rich face wash but it is good enough for cleaning. Face wash has mild fragrance which lingers for some time and then fades away. I take evening bath using Biotique flawless skin soap. This soap is really moisturizing and I don’t feel need to apply any kind of moisturizer after bath. For evening I always prefer a moisturizing soap. This soap is gentle on skin and by its regular usage I can feel great difference in my skin. My skin has become soft and clear. This soap is effective in reducing any kind of regular day tanning from arms and legs. In the morning I apply Biotique sunscreen lotion on hands, legs. At times I take few drops and apply on my face as well then cover it with compaq for matt finish.  The lotion is so light that it gets absorbed in skin in no time. Fragrance of this lotion is amazing. At times even if I don’t have to use it I open the cap to smell it. This was about the daily routine. The tan removal scrub I use twice a week so that any kind of tanning washes away from my skin. This scrub has mild fragrance of papaya and you will feel tingling sensation once you have this applied on your skin. My skin gets tanned really fast. Only half an hour exposure to sun is enough to make me look dull, tanned and tired. This scrub is really helpful in getting rid of daily tan from arms and face. I am really satisfied and happy with Biotique face and skin care routine. I am following this regime from more than two weeks. Remember my video on Biotique haul? Right from the next day of video I have been following religiously this regime. You will end up spending total Rs. 510 on these products. In only Rs. 510 you can have an amazing skin care routine for yourself with natural ingredients rich products. Best thing about these products are that they suit all skin types, isn't that great? 

  • All four products comes in a nice packaging
  • Products are enriched with nectar which is really good for skin
  • These have 100% natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Are not tested on animals
  • Comes from trusted Indian brand
  • Both Face wash and scrub washes away easily
  • Products have international appeal
  • Affordable products and suit all skin types
  • None
R&W Rating – 5/5

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Megha Gupta


  1. I have bought biotique products such as dandelion serum, papaya face scrub, bio coconut cream, cucumber toner... Can u just tell me how to use...wen to which should be used first in a order..

    1. you bought four random products, use serum at night, in day time usecream, scrub twice a week with facepack and you can use toner on regular basis