Five Things Bollywood Has Taught Us

Whether we agree to it or not we Indians are really filmy. Have you ever imagined a filmy scene in your head even is a worst situation? This writeup in dedicated to all those Indians who are filmy by heart. What is that Bollywood has taught us?

what we have learnt from bollywood

No matter how strict your parents are if you are doing the right thing they will end up saying “ Ja simran ja jeele apni zindagi”

Whenever you have heartbreak you wish to listen and sing all sad songs you have ever known in life. Have you imagined yourself walking all alone on road singing a song? If yes then you are so filmy

You will definitely achieve what you desire because “agar tum kisi chiz ko shiddat se chaho to saari qayanaat use tumse milane ki saajish karti hai”

If you are still waiting for good things to happen to you then “picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”

If you leaving your house to achieve your dreams you always need assurance from your mom “maa main thik hoon na”

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Megha Gupta 

Photo - indianexpress


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