Ten Things That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Fashion trends change like anything and at times you stand there wondering whattt? For me fashion is what I feel comfortable in and I have my own sense of style. But yeah obviously there are few things that I feel must have in your collection as these will never go out of fashion.

Polka Dots – Whether you believe or not polka dots never went out of fashion. Whether in form of Indian wear, chiffon top, scarf or anything, these always swing back.

Denim Jacket – Since childhood till this day I have one in my wardrobe for sure. You see old films or magazines you will find models, stars wearing them.

White Shirt – Do I need to say anything on that?

Denim Shorts – you don’t know what to wear for a cool outing, just wear denim shorts with a cool top

High Heels – No matter how painful these are at times to wear but we will never discard them as we have to look tall and perfect

Black dress – Must in a wardrobe when you are not finding anything to wear for a party or event, just throw in a black dress

Wrist Watch - Yes I agree their market did shake when mobiles came in. They have swing back and one good watch can create a nice fashion statement. With an elegant watch on your hand you don't need to wear anything else on hands. 

Solitaire Ring – Can you ever say no to that?

Black tank top – I love tank tops and especially black. At winters just wear them under your denim jacket and in summers just the top.

An anklet – their design change but you will find them at feet or foot of lot of girls.

I hope you enjoyed the fashion writeup.

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Megha Gupta 

photo - machopicture


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