Whitening Creams Yeah Or Neah

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post it is just writer’s opinion based on her observations and experiences.

Indians are known as brown skin people all over the world. This term might sound racist but this is how people address especially in Europe, America. Brown skin has a lot of melanin in it due to which it tans easily in sun. Indians are blamed to have charm for white skin, it is not false but it is not just Indians, people all over the world are fascinated by pale skin or white skin.

I had been a dusky girl and honestly I never felt bad about it except for the few times when my relatives, my mom’s friends or even my classmates use to point out how dusky I was. It was my belief that skin tone doesn’t matter to look beautiful. My school was celebrating teacher’s day and on that day we were allowed to wear Indian wear. That was the one of the rarest occasions for senior most class of school was allowed to dress as per their desire. I went out for shopping with my mom and that was the first time when I bought a suit. I picked up few and shopkeeper advised me that I should go for some other colour as it won’t suit my skin tone. That was the first time I realized that being a dusky colour girl actually restricts me from choosing some of the colours. Even after this experience until last year I never ever used whitening creams. As in my heart skin tone doesn’t matter much yet. But yes I know and I would be lying if I deny that slight fair complexioned girls look better because lot of colours suits them better than on a dusky complexion.

Naturally my complexion started improving with time and I don’t look dusky at all. All these years I swear I never used a single whitening cream. It was when I moved from Hyderabad to Delhi during winters. My oily skin got adjusted to moderated climate of Hyderabad for years and it was not ready for dryness of Delhi winters. I needed a cream that is not oily as well as give me right kind of nourishment. That’s when I bought my first Fair and Lovely winter fairness cream. Trust me I loved the cream a lot. It worked like wonder on my skin and my complexion started improving with time. I then tried Garnier cream, Loreal and lot other brands one after another and felt great difference in my skin. That’s when I realized what exactly these whitening creams do to your skin. These will reduce melanin and therefore you will have slightly better complexion.

What I am trying to say from this article is that there is nothing wrong in using whitening creams. If you are happy with your dusky complexion I would say hats off to you but if you wish to improve your complexion like me you don’t have to hold yourself from trying these creams just because your best friend doesn’t believe in them.

I have seen lot of people posting across social media that they don’t believe in these creams. But I have also known some using every single day and denying in public. Lot of actresses say they don’t believe in whitening creams that’s why they don’t do a whitening cream ad whereas they spend millions in getting skin whitening treatment. I would say to them don’t be so double standard. Just be open about it. There is nothing wrong in doing something that will make you look beautiful. It is personal choice to use it or not use it. I feel that if something can make you look good then why not. You go and buy nicest clothes to make you look good then why not something does well for your skin.

I am also not recommending you to go crazy over these creams. Don’t trust them blind folded. Use your brain and try using one or two. With time you will definitely feel some difference in your skin tone. You have to be patient as best results come with time.

I know some of you might hate me, but I have to say to you that it is my personal blog and I am entitled to write what I feel about. Still this article is not written to offend someone.

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Megha Gupta 


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