Why You Should Not Be Too Secretive

Are you a secretive person? Are you one of those who hide all kinds of things about your life even from closest of your friends and relatives who are actually your well-wishers and you already know that? You tell best news of your life at last minute to your friends and relatives? If you are one of those then you must read this writeup to understand why you need to change yourself. Being a secretive person is not a healthy thing.

Are you aware of a concept called the way you behave with some other person, that other person sooner or later will start reciprocating the same way? If you will hold your secrets than your closed ones will also start holding back. You will also not get to know about things happening in lives of your dear ones.

You always need people around you in celebration as well sorrow. If you will not share about good things happening in your life timely than don’t expect people to show up and celebrate happily. They will be hurt that you didn’t tell them beforehand.

Holding your secrets makes you an unhappy person in long term. Such type of people always feels unhappy about good things happening in other people’s life. Holding secrets make you a sad person and you don’t feel happier about even the best things happening in your life.

There is someone my family know. Their son was studying in a reputed institute. So casually people often ask about each other like what he is doing these days, where he is working or studying. Those relatives will tell us that they have no idea where there son is studying. I used to laugh a lot that how come you don’t know about whereabouts of your son. When he went abroad we got to know about it about a year later. Gradually we lost interest in their family and don’t even ask anything about them. Then that relative became so sad that why you don’t ask about my family. Why would one ask if you don’t share anything with your closest relative?

Have you ever come across such people in your life?

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Megha Gupta 

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