Catch Up On Lost Growth In Time Is Important

I was at this family gathering when I happened to meet a distant cousin of mine. Her son was really cute and talkative kid. I was having lot of fun interacting with her kid when I said to her, hey di your son is really brainy for a five year old kid. She stared at me for few second and then said quietly that actually he is eight years old. I was like what? He doesn’t look like eight year old at all. She crooned how she feed him right but still her child is not able to catch up on growth like other kids of his age.
That’s not just problem of one or two kids, we see lot of parents are struggling with similar issues of lost growth. And here I am referring to kids who have access to all kinds of nutritious food, clothes and other amenities. There are lot of reasons why kids even from high income group families are lacking in growth.

First and foremost reason is that lot of kids don’t like vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods. They are more interested to have junk food like pizza, burger, noodles etc. Second some kids are fussy eaters and are very choosy about the food they eat. Third reason they don’t like taste of healthy food. Fourth could be lack of proper attention from parents especially when both are working. Last one could be because lot of food products these days are adulterated.

Whatever be the case, parents can’t just ignore this issue and move on. If a kid lack in growth during childhood that becomes a problem for lifetime. As a kid one should be fed well so that his body growth is timely. You can start encouraging your kids to take part in sports more and more. Don’t just focus on classes but real sports. Till the time your kid is in 6th grade don’t force him or her for studies. There is a lifetime to focus on studies why to waste precious childhood in studies. Generally kids who do well in sports can do well in studies as well. Sports are really helpful in increasing concentration. When one will play outside more than definitely your child will demand food. Make a habit to have at least one meal together. Eat lot of healthy food yourself so that your kid learns from childhood to have what you are having. Not because you are really tired or out of laziness don’t just pack noodles for his lunch. Try to keep him away from Junk food as much as possible.

If you wish to add some kind of supplement to his daily diet don’t forget to consult with your doctor first. They will advise you best as per requirements of your child. Each child is different and so is his growth. Keep a check on growth of your child if it is not as per his or her age than don’t hesitate to reach out to doctor.

Parenting is the most difficult and responsible task in this world. Even if we write ten thousand books on that those won’t be enough. You have to learn and do your best without making any mistake as it is your child life you are taking care of.

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Megha Gupta 


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