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Gone are the days when there used to be few brands that enjoyed monopoly in the market. Now days every now and when a new brand is launched in market. Competition is really tough and to make sure that more and more people know about you is by way of promotion and advertisement. Proper advertising is important not only for small and new brands but also for the established ones. Doesn’t it happen if we don’t see a particular brand ad on television we tend to believe that it is out of market? In the world of stiff competition you have to keep on reminding your customers. For large groups it is easy to go for any form of advertising they wish to, because they have large funds to do so. What about small businesses for example my blog then? There is an interesting and distinctive venture Platomar Venture that offers you a different form of advertising. You can advertise your brand through tea/coffee cups.

Advertising through cups is a unique concept in itself. Platomar believes that tea time is the time when people discuss with relax mind. At that time if someone will notice your brand name on their tea cup they would discuss about your brand and this can lead to lot of publicity. Brand logo, your name and other desired information will be printed on the cups that are used at tea stalls and food outlets. Any form of business online or offline, restaurant or manufacturing unit, large group or small anyone can be benefited from this form of advertising.

Both the goals brand recognition and brand recall can be achieved through cup advertisement. Platomar discuss with you about your preferences and their design and marketing experts will design as per your requirements. You can choose a design what you think is best for you. Based on your target geographical location and audience the cups will be distributed. You can track about how many cups have been distributed through their online portal.

Platomar also gives you an option for Out of Home Marketing through billboards, street furniture, ads on metros, buses, autos or other modes like postcards, brochure, cups etc. You can choose a method that suits best as per your needs and budget. You can start from a small budget of Rs. 10,000. The brand ensures that you get value for all your money spent. The brilliant team of Platomar works as per your preferences and delivers quality work on promised deadlines.

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