Girl Pirate Who Ruled The Hearts

Once upon a time there was a pretty girl called Isabella. Her father was a pirate but was hero for her. She wanted to be just like him. She didn’t had a brother because of that her father used to be sad that who will take command of his ship after him. She was strong, witty and clever. With the help of speaking parrot Kabila she learnt lot of tricks about how to run ship, other secrets of sea trade routes, tactics etc. Kabila and Isabella were best friends.

Her father was a fierce, strong but kind hearted pirate. He used to distribute half of whatever he would smuggle among poor people. That was the reason why she admired her father. Her mother died from chickenpox when she was only five. There was another pirate on her father’s ship named Robert. He never liked the kind nature of his master and wanted to capture ship after her father’s death. He had plans to kill Isabella once her father is dead. She knew something is not right with Robert but kept mum about it.

When Isabella was only eight they were travelling in Pacific Ocean in search of a hidden treasure. At night they brought the ship at halt on a small island. That island was very beautiful. She decided to see the whole island at night when everyone was asleep. It was a full moon night. That island had sparkling, colourful trees that were glooming at night. She was walking straight by staring at large trees and their beautiful branches when she stepped on something and heard ouch. She stared in dismay at a beautiful, young mermaid of her age. She was sitting on a rock. She had a tiny tail, long black hair, blue eyes and beautiful skin.

Can you talk? Asked Isabella

Yes, replied mermaid

What is your name?

Tiara, and yours


You live on this island?

No I live in sea but I sneaked at night to come to island. I love being on land at times. But please don’t tell anything about me to anyone. Can you keep a secret?

Yes, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about you. Friends?

Yes friends

Since then they used to meet whenever their ship used to pass Pacific Ocean. No one knew about her friendship with mermaid even her father.

She was now sixteen; her father was not keeping well. One evening he called everyone on ship and declared Robert as new captain. He died that very night. Isabella cried a lot but she was a brave girl. Robert planned to get rid of Isabella that very night. While she was sleeping, he picked up her and threw in the Pacific Ocean. He was very happy that finally this was his ship.

She was saved by Tiara and her octopus friend Kola. They planned revenge against Robert. She knew that he was not going to leave ocean without getting his hands on hidden treasure. He was desperate to find it. He knew that wherever he will spot mermaids he can find that treasure. Tiara decided to trick him into that. When Robert was standing near dock she jumped out of sea into the air and he watched her in dismay. He knew that he was near the treasure. He immediately ordered his men to launch small boat in the ocean so that he can follow that mermaid.

He followed the mermaid and realized that he was far away from ship. He found a shark started circling around the boat and before he could react he fell pray for her. Finally they got rid of Robert and were happy.

Isabella came back to her ship and told everyone about what Robert did to her. Tiara then told her that she knew where the hidden treasure is. She helped Isabella to locate the treasure. She distributed the treasure among poor people for their well-being.

Till the time she lived she was loved for her kindness and bravery.

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Megha Gupta 


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