Karmbhoomi - It Is Not Just A Series, It Is A Movement

Karmbhoomi youth series will be airing from 14th August, 2016 at 10:30pm on Bindass Channel. R&W was invited for the press conference, star cast unveiling of the show. I was so excited to be invited to the press conference. Present on the occasion were executive director and producer of the show Kanu Priya and all the main leads of the show. 

Mentioned by Kanu Priya during the unveiling event that Karmbhoomi is not just a show its a movement. The Karmbhoomi movement has three verticals i.e. You can check out event video here

The TV Series: it follows the lives of the students of the fictional university i.e. Karmbhoomi University, also known as KBU, this university’s philosophy is an amalgamation of principles of the Bhagwad Geeta’s Karmyoga Theory and Swami Vivekanand’s teachings on youth and karma wherein focus is on learning work ethics, life skills and innovations. 

Director and actors were asked lot of questions by media persons and they answered to all questions very patiently. The event was well planned. It was started on time and finished on time. 

Online web portal with free peer – to – peer counselling. It is a safe zone on the internet where correct information and help can be provided on issues which are specific to Indian youth. 

Karmbhoomi Fests – these fests are there to promote the issues picked up during the series and take them to different places. For instance one event might showcase fashion shows working against body image issues and simultaneously restyling and reusing the same clothes.

Ojaswini Gul as Anukriti Singh - A third year student, is the Cultural President of the University and a hard-core feminist. Her purpose in life is to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to creative people. Guncha Dwivedi as Kiara Oberoi is the college tomboy, doing her second year study in Psychology (BA). She is the master-mind of the group. Jasvinder Singh as Kartik Kapoor is the social worker and a natural do-gooder. He’s the golden-boy with a humane side.Varnikaa Aurora as Ria Malhotra is the in-house fashionista. She is na├»ve and often seen lost in her own rosy world. Parth Sharma as Gautam Hooda is the fresher in the group. He is a national level cricketer both on screen and in real life. Jayant Gupta as Kabir Tyagi is your ruffian bad boy character. He is the Sports President & a political leader.

All these actors have been mentored by Ms.Kanu Priya, personally under her Acting Academy: GSMC – Acting Academy.These six leading actors have been training in not just acting but also self development, where they are working to become real life leaders, each working on a social cause.

Ojaswini Gul is working on women issues, mainly feminism and body image issues; Guncha Dwivedi is working on creating awareness regarding mental health amongst youngsters; Jasvinder Singh is working on tackling the various problems of old-age; Varnikaa Aurora is working on creating recycled products ;Parth Sharma is working on adverse effects of societal pressureand Jayant Gupta is working creating awareness for environmental issues.

The Executive Director & Producer of the show (Media Personality & Entrepreneur) Kanu Priya is a celebrated media person for the last 25 years. She is the life force behind the Karmbhoomi movement as she continues to have tremendous faith in the young generation in bringing the universal change.

A dynamic personality, she has shown her brilliance in all the genre of media - be it acting, hosting shows, script-writing, film-making, being a radio jockey or theater presentations. She is the founder of GSMC –Acting Academy – a leading Acting Academy focused on creating thinking actors, and Gul Guncha Arts – A New Age Media House.

The movement is managed by Karambhoomi TV Pvt Lmt. and the Karmbhoomi TV series is produced by Gul Guncha Arts.

I would like to wish team Karmbhoomi all the best. Please be part of this movement and don't forget to check this out on Bindass. 

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Megha Gupta 


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