REHAU Makes Your Kitchen And Home Stylish

Millions dream to own a house one day where they can relax, spend time after work, for retirement etc. Kitchen is an intrinsic part of every house where definitely a lot of time is spent. Now a days a kitchen is not merely a place where food is cooked, people want to spend and are spending money to give it a contemporary, classy and stylish touch.

A well planned modular kitchen offers large storage in small space. One of the premium brands around the world in modular kitchen is REHAU.

REHAU is a global brand which came into existence in 1948 and has been a global leader in developing wide range of products and services in construction, automotive & mobility, Furniture and Industrial Solutions.

REHAU has come up with stylish, innovative designs for modular kitchens customized for Indian market with International appeal. It has come up with a wide range of cabinet roller shutter systems, which come in transparent and through coloured versions. RAUVOLET is the name given to REHAU’s roller shutters which can be customized for both wooden and steel cabinets. 

RAUVOLET give your kitchen a modern, trendy outlook and saves a lot of space. It is simple to install and convenient to use and has characteristics of tried and tested RAUVOLET cassette systems and the design feature of genuine glass. These are available in three different sizes and colour to choose from. It saves approximately 30% of space compared to regular swing door. The shutter door can be left open at any desired height for convenient usage. It has excellent gliding features that offer smooth and quiet opening and closure of the cabinet. The design can withstand heat, steam and water in the kitchen. While normal swing doors develops bulges and cracks over years, RAUVOLET stays as it is. Cleaning is relatively easy as compared to normal shelves. Setting up roller shutter cabinet is really easy as it comes with the E23 kit that has all the required accessories. It is suitable for both vertical as well as horizontal applications.

Another offering by REHAU is CLIMBER by Ludewig which is an electronically operated door with  sophisticated real glass slats and is an elegant design solution for every kitchen. It has a motorised, sensor controlled opening mechanism that is very easy to use and makes everyday living stylish and comfortable. With a light touch of sensor, the wall cabinet smoothly slides up and down. The slats are produced using tempered safety glass technology which withstands every day wear and tear. These can also be customized as per a customer’s preferences.

It is a one-time investment and your home looks beautiful, modern and stylish throughout the years. You can visit their display studio in Kirti Nagar where you can get a demo and visual treat of REHAU modular kitchen, furniture etc. solutions. Whenever I will buy my home, my kitchen will be a REHAU Kitchen. 

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