REHAU Show Room Visit – An Experience To Remember

Ever happened to you that you visited a place only to realize that you want your dream home’s interiors to be just like that? Well it happened to me when I visited the REHAU display studio. I have always dreamt of making my house with my own hard earned money. As and when I visit new places and see new things, the interior designs of my dream home keep becoming clearer in my mind. When I visited REHAU and saw the innovative home décor solutions, I knew that this is exactly what I want for my dream home.

As a YouTuber and blogger, I want to live in a house that allows ample sunlight and fresh air inside without much hassle. Apart from their modular kitchen and luxurious furniture set up, my favorite section was that of the uPVC windows and doors. These doors and windows act as natural insulators and seal the cool air inside the building and lock the heat outside. The Door designs as well as the window panes look classy, and can give a stylish look to your house in no time. There are options for swing doors, and slide and fold doors with the biggest opening possible. While designing these doors and window panes, the engineers have kept in mind even  the minutest of details in consideration, like these doors and windows should be very low maintenance and should be easy to clean.  A lot of thinking and creativity goes into designing windows that are extended from both ends to cover the wall gap. You can also opt for casement windows or sliding windows. REHAU’s designs have an international appeal and can give a supremely contemporary look to your house.

Owing to their modern European look and easiness to use, these have become popular in a lot of Asian countries. For most of us, building a home is one time affair and we want it to be perfect.

For my balcony, I will get REHAU furniture as it is built with RAUCORD weaving material that makes  the furniture UV resistant, weather proof, temperature resistant, strong and durable. Their roller shutter system is apt for modular kitchen and even for office needs.

One of their key projects in India has been Indira Paryavaran Bhavan at Jor Bagh, New Delhi. I learnt a lot about home interiors, what type of windows panes are there, type of doors, roller shutter system etc. The  staff from REHAU was really helpful and explained everything in layman language.

To all of you, I can only suggest that visit their showroom at Kirti Nagar, New Delhi and experience the difference. 

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