Star Trek Beyond – A Film For Every Generation

I knew about Star Trek series even before when US television or films became popular in India. My uncles, older cousins whosoever used to visit abroad they used to discuss star trek like anything. I used to think that this is some kind of series space mission going on only realizing later that these are the television and film series that has been entertaining audiences worldwide.

People abroad relate their generations with Star Trek Series. Many popular TV series have shown how strongly their characters connect with Star Trek. They form traditions to watch all the films back to back during Christmas holidays. Whether you are adults or kids every generation love these films and always look forward to its next instalment. Star Trek is celebrating 50th year of the iconic series and lot of young fans from India have also joined in for the celebrations.

Star Trek Beyond is one of the best films of Star Trek series and is a must watch. Young audiences around the world love it. There are lot of good things being talked about the films. News is filled with positive reviews about the film. Rotten tomatoes have given film a rating of 84%, on metacritic film has generated positive reviews.

Star Trek Beyond has been directed by famous director Justin Lin who is known for his distinctive films that have created humongous interest among audiences.

Indian youth seems really excited about the film. You can find people discussing about the film at public places like metros, pubs, malls etc.

This film is thirteenth film in the series of Star Trek film franchise and third instalment in the reboot series. People are going gaga about the performances, visual effects, action. This film is also a tribute to Yelchin and Nimoy. The film has already been premiered in Sydney on 7th July and it was released later on July 22nd in United States. Film is doing great on box office world-wide.

Few of my cousins living in states mentioned to me that it was difficult to get tickets since it was houseful at lot of movie theatres. The film has already been nominated for Teen Choice Awards and Golden Trailers Awards.

It’s not that only guys are interested in Star Trek, lot of girls like me also want to watch Star Trek. I wish to lay my hands on all the instalments so that I can start watching it from the very first film. 


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