Kairali Ayurvedic Delhi Centre Review

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As a kid I never used fancy lotions to massage. I always used our traditional mustard oil to massage my body. Our traditional oil massage method is the best method to increase our blood circulation. Oil massage make your skin happy as once lot of oil soaks inside skin doesn't feel dry at all. Due to hectic schedule I often skin oil massage on my own and when I got chance to visit Kairali Ayurvedic Delhi Centre than I was like why not.

Kairali offers varied massage options to choose from. I choose "Abhyangum" which is a full body massage program where two masseuse massage your body using their herbal oil. The massage was a relaxing experience. 

The center looks beautiful with lush green atmosphere. The place where it is situated in Delhi you won't feel that you are in capital city once you reach there. It looks like a different world altogether. Designers from Kerala came down to built this centre. It is built in such a way that even in this prickly hot summers of Delhi this place feels really cold once you go inside and yes without any AC. 

My both masseuse were really nice ladies. They used hot herbal oils to massage my body for forty five minutes. You feel so relaxed once they start working on your shoulder blades, back and feet. These three are the most tensed body parts due to our city life schedules. In last ten minutes I literally fell asleep and then she woke me up mam we are done. After massage they gave me steam bath and then I showered. My body was so relaxed when I left the centre. 

One thing I would like to share with you all once you go there don't compare it with fancy and modern spa centre. Kairali is very traditional centre and their techniques are based on ancient methodology. 

Overall it was great experience being there. You can visit their website and choose plans, treatments as per your preference and needs. You can also watch this video of mine where I have documented my visit to their Mehrauli centre. 

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